Substation (Gillespie, Kendall, and Blanco Counties)

The Blumenthal Substation and 138-kV Transmission Line Project was filed with the PUC on October 31, 2014. A substantial number of landowners have interacted in the review process and the project is still waiting for final approval (PUC Docket No. 43599). The question is not whether there is a need for the project, but where the final line will be placed. According to the LCRA, easement acquisitions are estimated to start in late 2016.

Luke Ellis spoke at the Hill Country Alliance Workshop in Fredericksburg, Texas on September 6, 2014. The Workshop was presented to potentially impacted landowners by the proposed substation and transmission line planned for the Blumenthal area, including Gillespie, Kendall, and Blanco Counties. The objective was to help property owners understand their rights and responsibilities in the routing and condemnation process. Mr. Ellis discussed the phases of the condemnation process and how landowners can prepare in advance for those proceedings.

Luke presented issues to be considered with transmission line easements including structure types, authorized activities within and outside of the easement, negative aesthetics and electro-magnetic fields. Luke also discussed the different valuation methodologies associated with transmission line easement takings including significant remainder damages often caused by high voltage power lines. Luke concluded by explaining the basic condemnation process, which includes an administrative phase prior to the litigation phase. Please contact Brenda or Bayly for a copy of Luke’s presentation (512.215.4078).

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