International Bridge Trade Corridor (IBTC) / SH 365 Toll Road

The Hidalgo County Regional Mobility Authority (HCRMA) has proposed the International Bridge Trade Corridor (IBTC) project and the SH 365 Toll Road project that would affect property owners in Hidalgo County. The purpose of the proposed projects was outlined by the Hidalgo County Regional Mobility Authority (HCRMA), “to improve mobility, and interconnectivity, reduce community disruption, provide a facility that can handle freight and auto traffic, improve safety, and identify alternative funding sources”.

IBTC: The project will run north from FM 3072 then east and west from FM 493 to US 83 (about 13.1 miles). Phase I consists of constructing a controlled access 4-lane divided tolled facility, and Phase II would be a tolled controlled access 6-lane divided highway.

SH 365 Toll Road: The project “would consist of constructing a toll facility that would ultimately provide for a six-lane divided controlled access facility within a variable right-of-way width of a minimum of 160 feet and a maximum of 400 feet with a right of way (ROW) of approximately 615 acres”.  Phase I will run from FM 396 to US 281 (about 13 miles), and Phase II will run from FM 1016 to FM 396 (about 2.65 miles).

You may contact Johns, Marrs, Ellis, and Hodge LLP (attention Bayly or Brenda) for additional information or periodic updates on the project’s timeline.